Another Success Story……..

We got COVID and could not walk, we lost all our muscle in our body and had to learn to do things like pick up stuff, balance, to help stand and use the walker to walk again so we could get out of the wheelchairs, relearn to take a shower, and how to pace ourselves. […]

Success Story: Geri

Geri came to Shawnee PARC, due to COVID where she was unable to get out of bed or perform daily activities. Upon discharge she is able to perform daily activities at modified independent, transfer and walk short distances at modified independent and return to her IL facility. “The rehab staff were very courteous and helpful […]

Success Story: Barbara

Barbara came to Shawnee PARC post COVID with increased weakness and decreased independence with cognition and ADLs. With training and hard work patient became Modified Independent in room and with ADLs. She is now able to walk over 400 feet with 2WW with supervision and modified independence. “You guys are great, I have no complaints […]