The Abilities Care Approach aims to provide people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias the opportunity to achieve and maintain the highest level of functional independence possible and improve the quality of life. Abilities care approach is program that incorporates a comprehensive understanding of the resident’s remaining abilities and an understanding of the resident’s life history to improve active engagement and functional performance. We focus on the individual rather than on the condition, and on the persons’ strengths and abilities rather than losses. Our skilled clinicians utilized the person centered approach and allow the person to continue to live, thrive, share and love with everything they have left within them. We tap into that untouched area that may appear to be lost, but still lives inside them.

The Abilities Care program allows us present standardized testing to our residents to determine their current cognitive level.  This allows us to create programs and present activities at just the right level for where they are performing to avoid frustration as well as identifying what cues, strategies and/or set up is required to allow them to perform at their most independent level. As clinicians we understand that even though they have cognitive deficits there are still many things they can do for themselves, we have that skill set to determine what those remaining abilities they still have!