Physical Therapy Team (left to right):

Dana Piper, Physical Therapy Assistant; Rachel Peterson, Physical Therapist; Buddy Eblen, Physical Therapy Assistant; Sarah Ogar, Physical Therapist; Kona Vang-Her, Physical Therapy Assistant

Dana Piper, Physical Therapy Assistant-I have progressed from PRN to full time with an undergrad degree in Psychology from KU.

Rachel Peterson, Physical Therapist-Hi! I have been a Physical Therapist for nearly 7 years with experience in Orthopedics and Skilled Nursing. I have a passion for helping my patients age with grace, dignity, and maintaining their independence. Thanks for trusting us with your loved one’s care!

James Eblen, Physical Therapy Assistant- I have a lifetime of experience in inter-generational communication skills that enables patients to feel heard and safe while accessing their highest potential. My understanding of changes and difficulties associate with the aging process provides patients a unique treatment experience, tailored for individual needs.

Sarah Ogar, Physical Therapist-Hi! I have been a Physical Therapist for almost 5 years! I am PWR Parkinson’s’ Certified for over a year. I have done traveling therapy for 2 years with experience in a variety of settings and all ages. Cannot wait to meet you!

Kona Vang-Her, Physical Therapy Assistant-I have been a PTA for 19 years with 17 years experience in outpatient and 2 years experienced in skilled. I love being a part of my patients aging processes, seeing their progress, and challenging them to be more independent.

Occupational Therapy Team (left to right):

Taylor Soldner, Occupational Therapist; Alison Vandeloo, Occupational Therapist; Braden Sides, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Emily Govednik, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Taylor Soldner, Occupational Therapist-I am a very compassionate Occupational Therapist that has worked with the geriatric population ever since gradating from St. Louis University OT Program for appx 5 years ago. I am interested in a lot of areas within my scope of practice, however have recently been interested in implementing the Allen Cognitive Program within the facility to ensure best provision of care for residents based upon patient specific cognitive abilities.

Alison Vandeloo, Occupational Therapist-I have been an OT for 5 years! I enjoy working with the Parkinson’s population and have been LSVT-BIG certified for the last 3 years. I love challenging my patients with correcting and improving movement patterns and progressive strengthening to make them move and live optimally. I have experience in urinary incontinence and bladder re-training, low vision rehab, and wheelchair positioning. My greatest passion is our home-based outpatient therapy – I love being able to work with people in their home setting to help them age in place. I can’t wait to work with you!

Braden Sides, Occupational Therapy Assistant-Hi! I have experience in healthcare over the last 5 years in a number of different settings. I cannot wait to work with you and help you achieve the best version of yourself!

Emily Govednik, Occupational Therapy Assistant-I have been an COTA for just over 1.5 years and am very passionate in providing personalized holistic therapy to the elder population. I am interested in further growing my knowledge in contracture management and post-stroke interventions to allow residents to continue living a high quality life. I strive to create a fun, loving, and ambitious therapeutic environment, and love to get to know each of my patients’ unique lives and passions!!!

Kyle Hosman, Speech Therapist

Kyle Hosman, Speech Therapist-I have worked as a Speech Therapist in numerous skilled nursing facilities throughout the Kansas City area. I have extensive experience in speech-language, cognition and swallowing treatments. I am certified in Vital Stim Therapy and Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and Omniflow Breathing Exercise Biofeedback.