PWR! me up!

We’re excited to announce a new program for our outpatient growth here at Shawnee PARC! Sarah Ogar PT and Hunter Cleland COTA are certified PWR! (Parkinson Wellness Recovery) therapists for Parkinson’s. This program targets rigidity, bradykinesia, incoordination, balance, and reduced self-awareness through whole-body movements. Exercise is medicine and we plan to incorporate it, not only for our Parkinson’s patient, but for all our patients. Through PWR!, these therapist have learned how to promote proper posture, amplitude of movement, weight shifting techniques, and reducing hip/trunk tightness through supine, prone, sitting, and standing exercises with modifications for any level of participant! We can’t wait to incorporate more with all our patients!


Dual tasking is a program that combines motor and cognitive tasks to “layer” functional processing. Research continues to show that there is a strong correlation to dual tasking and the neuroplasticity of the brain needed to achieve and maintain improved functional outcomes. Our skilled clinicians can use these specialized treatments for a variety of diagnosis’s including but not limited to Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury, strokes, Parkinson’s, and any older adult who is having difficulty with everyday tasks.