Welcome to Shawnee PARC Wellness! We are a new local program developed to promote health self-awareness, preventative health services, wellness growth, aging in place, educational services, in home therapy, and outpatient therapy services. We offer a variety of services and wellness programs to help promote the highest quality of life with building lasting relationships and techniques to prolong your ability to achieve your very best every day! We specialize in fall prevention clinic, cardiac recovery, low vision clinic, dementia clinic, specialty Parkinson's programs, alternative pain interventions, urinary incontinence treatment, orthopedic rehab recovery, lymphedema therapy, contracture management, on site swallow studies, neuro rehab, as well as onsite weekly Physician visits…plus many more. Our mission is to instill the highest quality services in our community and become a part of the lives of the people we service and maintain that strong relationship throughout the journey of their lives. Please allow us to be that virtue that promises to empower others through commitment, dignity, trust, integrity, and loyalty.

How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself? —Epictetus