Q: How do I get in touch to start a program or services?
A: Download the Physician Referral Form and ask your PCP to write and fax an order directly to us at fax number 913-562-2676. If you have questions, call 913-444-2828 or send a message. We’re happy to help get you started.

Q: What does it cost and how do I get services started?
A: Services are started through the referral form process or direct physicians referral. This need can be identified by staffing, through our wellness program, or personal request by notifying the above contact information. All services are verified through your insurance with typical coverage of services as outpatient therapy coverage on your plan. We confirm all benefits, co-pays, deductible prior to any services starting. We request orders from your PCP doctor and have them follow the program throughout the duration of services being provided. We also have an in house physician that can follow you and your plan of care as well.

Q: Who is appropriate?
A: Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, independence, safety, or who has exhibited any subtle or significant change of condition that has effected your level of functioning. This can be a change in one’s physical, social, or mental well-being.

Q: How is in home therapy different than home health?
A: A wellness clinic focuses on providing education or services that support your individualized needs, at the level and environment that benefits you. We provide services that supplement the need between home health services and being fully reintegrated in the community.

Dignified Wellness

Having the privilege of empowering others through dignified rehabilitation.